Real stances on the issues

I believe education can be the great equalizer
or the biggest oppressor, it’s up to society to decide.
The most important function of government is the successful education of its children, which is why I am running for Wake County School Board.  I want all students get the best education possible, with the resources that taxpayers provide.

I strongly support diverse schools and don't think any Wake County Public School (charter or transitional) should have significantly more economically advantaged or disadvantaged students than any other. 

I will work with existing board members to rethink how principals are compensated.  Rather than basing the county supplement on school size, I will advocate that the county supplement be based on the number of economically disadvantaged students at their school.

Better oversight of redistricting

Last year, WCPSS opened a new middle school.  Some redistricting is necessary with any new school, however WCPSS had to build a larger base for an underutilized (district 9) middle school.  Student Assignment created a base that isn't large enough and now hopes spending magnet funding will fix the issue. 

With my Geographic Information System (GIS) background, I will scrutinize all redistricting plans from Student Assignment and assure the least disruption to children's lives as possible while preserving diversity.  


If elected, I will advocate that when a child starts at a school, they can finish at that school WITH TRANSPORTATION.  Children need stability in their lives and education.  WCPSS is a 1.74 billion dollar organization, which can and must provide stability to all children and families.

Charter Schools

NC Law (GS 115C-218.105) requires WCPSS to give charter schools the same "operational" per pupil expenditures funding $9,670  in FY19/20 as their schools.  However, Wake County charter schools don't normally provide transportation and other services, which leads to fewer economically disadvantaged families attending them.  I will advocate that charter schools take their share of economically disadvantaged students and pay teacher on the same state pay scale as traditional public schools.

Restoring Common Sense

Wake County was known nationally for making schools economically diverse.  I support this and most of the County's objectives.  However, being the largest school system in the state and one of the largest in the Nation comes with challenges. 

Whenever possible and appropriate, I will advocate for decisions to be made at the school level, not the district level.  One example being School Resource Officers or "SROs."  I think the staff and administrations at the schools should decide if the need SRO and how that funding should be used.


 I'll do everything possible to assure bureaucracy doesn't hamper education.

Teach Foreign Language Earlier

The United States is the only country that waits until secondary school to teach foreign languages.  Research has shown that the best time to learn a language is before the age of 10.


I'll advocate that WCPSS offers more foreign language options in Elementary Schools, when children have a much better aptitude to learn language.

Improve and expand after school options

A lot of students participate in after-school programs and several hours every day can really add up.  I will advocate for more and better after-school programs including: foreign language programs and third party athletic programs, like club soccer.

After 6 years of elementary school every after-school child could graduate bilingual.


Schools are one of the best places to mold future leaders for whom sustainability is the norm.  WCPSS teaches sustainability in the standard curriculum, therefore, a commitment to sustainable practices needs to be written into the Strategic Plan.  I'm hoping to find community partners and contributors to help increase sustainability programs such as lunch room composting, and enhanced recycling.

I recognized that listing real issues and your honest opinion is out of fashion in politics.
Neither of my opponents list any real issues on their website.
If I have missed an issue that you want to know my position on please write me:  DanForWCschools at

Historically, School Board members have refrained from issues related to the curriculum.  I will honor that practice and leave curriculum decision to the experts. However, I will NOT vote to regularly spend millions of dollars to buy new curriculum for single subjects. Additionally, I will strongly advocate that the experts include financial literacy in High School, including tax brackets, passive vs earned income tax rates, stepped up basis loan amortization and more personal finance.

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