Meet Dan

Father, Constituent Advocate, Moderate

​Graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1996 with a BA in Urban Planning and a double minor in Economics and Sociology. 

Cary has been my home since my two sons (11 and 13 years old) were born and we've had a great experience with Wake County Public Schools so far. Next year both my boys will be in middle school, so please wish me luck.

My wife Lara, has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from NCSU and works part time as a chemist.

I come from a family of educators, my father was a vice principal and a coach.  My two sisters are both teachers and will assure that my support of educators remains a top priority.  I taught for two semesters at Blue Ridge Community College back in the late 90's.

I'm an IT Manager with over 20 years’ experience doing Geographic Information Systems, managing people and appropriately spending budgets.

Interesting Fact:

Traveling is one of my passions and I have climbed three of the highest mountains in the world: Elbrus, Russia (Europe), Aconcagua, Argentina (South America) and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (Africa). 


Why Education is so important to me:

I’m dyslexic and the challenges I faced in school had a profound impact on the way I view education.  As soon as my sons were born healthy, my number one goal was to assure they became early and successful readers. 


After the kids running to the front door screaming “Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home!” my second favorite early childhood memory was teaching them to read.  During bath time, I would show my toddlers foam letters and tell them the sound each letter made.  Ahead of age appropriate, it took a while, but I clearly remember the day when my oldest required reprimanding.  As I approached him, he said (for the first time) “Daddy, B says buh!” and instead of the reprimand, he got a giant hug.  His new "talent" worked until about M.

My experiences so far with WCPSS:

When my oldest went to kindergarten, Mrs. B. a “first year” teacher gave us a bag with a note to open the night before the first day.  I read her poem about being nervous on the first day of school, but if we put the included confetti under his pillow everything would be alright.  I knew then, my son was going to get the foundation he needed for a successful education.

In early Elementary School I was very active on the PTA including: running the grounds committee, volunteering at running club, helping solicit donations for the silent auction fund raiser, tutoring 1st graders in reading, presenting at career days and more. Now in Middle School I currently help sign up new (PTA) members and sell spirit wear.

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